Krystal’s Story

As a single mother in search of a more fulfilling job, Krystal Hall first learned about Matrix’s Head Start Program from a relative who was working at Matrix’s Care Village location. Upon further discussion about her goals for the future, Krystal took a step toward a better life by first enrolling her son and then her two daughters in Head Start classes.

Macita’s Story

Macita was facing many hardships in life, including raising her son, Cody, who was born premature, while involved in an abusive relationship. It was at a Woman, Infants and Children (WIC) location where she noticed a flyer for Matrix Human Services and decided to reach out and learn more about its resources. From there, it seemed as though her life started to turn around. “Matrix was the best thing to happen to my family,” she said. “Everyone is very encouraging and they really helped build my self-esteem as I continue to work toward a better future.”

Tiara’s Story

When Tiara suddenly found herself unemployed and in dire need of help for herself and her daughter Nailah, Matrix welcomed both with open arms. Working with her Family Advocate, Tiara found help with her job search, locating affordable housing and resources necessary to provide for her family. “I really feel like Matrix cares for the whole child and also for the whole family,” said Tiara. Support and personal perseverance led her to overcome adversity that stood in her way. “Matrix is really there to help lift you up,” Tiara added.

Brandi’s Story

When faced with homelessness and unemployment, Brandi didn’t give up. Instead, she sought ways to improve life for her and her two-year-old son, Kaiden. She needed support and Matrix Human Services was there to help guide her down the road to independence…