Working as a program manager at a nonprofit for three years, Tiara suddenly found herself unemployed when her organization lost critical funding. Since Tiara did not have family members able to watch her daughter, Nailah, she found herself in dire need of help.

Matrix welcomed both Tiara and Nailah with open arms. Tiara was able to work with her family advocate, Charmaine Parks, as Nailah started the Head Start program at Tabernacle.

Charmaine worked with Tiara to search and apply for jobs, find affordable housing, and also assisted with securing affordable appliances and the resources necessary for Tiara to provide for her and her family.

“I really feel like Matrix cares for the whole child and also for the whole family,” said Tiara. “They understand that with a solid foundation at home, a child can succeed.”

Nailah, now two years old, has been enrolled in the Head Start program for one-and-a-half years. Not long after her daughter’s enrollment in the program, Tiara noticed Nailah’s cognitive skills were improving, as she was able to identify colors and shapes.

Tiara appreciates many facets of the program, including the family-friendly environment and the comfort of knowing that her daughter feels familiar and safe with both Head Start teachers and classmates. Nailah continues to impress her mom with her ability to retain information both in and out of the classroom.

Today, Tiara is happily employed full time at Quicken Loans. Support and personal perseverance led her to overcome adversity that stood in her way of moving forward. Tiara added, “Matrix is really there to help lift you up.”