Classroom Cozy Corners!!!

Apr 1, 2021 | Matrix News, Uncategorized

Mental Health and Disabilities Update

Stephanie Gaughan- Mental Health manager and Marisol Hermosillo- Disabilities Manager

We are proud to announce that Matrix was the recipient of a $37,000 grant from the Hares Foundation to put cozy corners in every classroom.

What is a cozy corner?

A cozy corner is a place in the classroom where a child can relax, calm down and learn to manage their emotions when needed, which increases learning throughout the day. Cozy Corners help support Social Emotional learning by providing children the tools they need to manage and regulate their emotions. Cozy Corners are also called Safe Place, Safe Space, Cozy Area, Peace Corner, Calming Corner or Safe Zone and are used in many elementary school classrooms.

Cozy Corners are not a time out. Children will not be sent to the cozy corner, instead they will be taught how to use this space to self-regulate when they need to.

Each classroom will receive a bean bag, social emotional books, and a variety of sensory items to assist children from moving from upset to calm.

We encourage parents to create a similar space to reinforce the skills that they are learning in the classroom. Below is a video from Conscious Discipline on how to use the safe place at home.

Until next month, we wish you well!

Stephanie and Marisol


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