Mental Health and Disabilities Update

Oct 2, 2021 | Matrix News

Mental Health and Disabilities Content Area Update

Stephanie Gaughan- Mental Health Manager

Welcome back parents!! With the grief, loss, and trauma associated with the pandemic, Matrix launched a roll out plan in the fall of 2020 to become a Trauma Informed agency within the next five years. Our pilot year went great and we have just started year two with three of our centers. Here is just a little bit of information regarding how Trauma Smart will affect your children and your family:

Trauma Smart® strengthens the whole learning environment to help children develop skills, manage difficult experiences, and succeed in school and life. Staff will focus on building strong relationships to help children learn and grow.
Children may engage in classrooms lessons that focus on social emotional topics and brain science.
You may notice your children increase their ability to identify, express, and regulate their emotions.
There will be opportunites for caregiver education.

Signs will be posted in our buildings to indicate that your child’s center staff will be receiving Trauma Smart training so feel free to ask them or your FA any questions you may have!

Hoping you all have a safe and healthy school year and wishing you well!



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