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Jun 3, 2021 | Matrix News

Matrix Parent Portal June 2021

Focus:  Summer Learning using the Early Learning Outcomes Framework. 

To help your child retain what he/she has already learned during the school year use the 5 domains from the Early Learning Outcomes Framework this summer. The following are some activities and/or ideas to help your child.  For more information about the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework go to

Domain: Approaches to Learning

  • Let your child take initiative,
  • Let your child problem solve when using materials, be there to support by asking questions to help your child solve problems.
  • Ask your child “Tell me what you did today” so child can reflect on his day.

Domain: Social and Emotional Development

  • Help your child label and talk about his emotions.
  • Notice when your child plays cooperatively with other children.
  • Support your child when he/she has conflicts with other children. Approach calmly, hear both sides of the story, support the children in coming up with a solution.

Physical Health and Development

  • Spend time playing outside, running, jumping, skipping and playing on park equipment.
  • Using small muscles for cutting, writing and drawing, picking up small objects, playing with playdoh. These activities build the muscles for learning to write.
  • Let your child practice self-help skills such as dressing him/herself, using the toilet, flushing and washing hands.

Domain Language, Literacy and Communication

  • Talk to your child often.
  • When talking to your child, ask questions to assure your child understands what you are saying. You may ask him/her to repeat what you said.
  • Read to your child daily.
  • When reading to your child ask open ended questions about the story
  • Provide your child with paper, crayons or markers daily so he/she can practice writing and/or drawing. Ask open ended questions about his/her writing and drawings.

Domain: Cognition (includes math, creative arts, science and technology, social studies and English Language learners)

  • Use numbers and counting with your child.
  • Help your child notice patterns.
  • Use measurement tools such as rulers, measuring tape with your child.
  • Dance and let your child name the movements he/she is making.
  • Collect nature items, talk about them with your child. Sort and classify them with your child.
  • Plant with your child and talk about what you are doing.
  • Help your child learn about his/her environment. Help him/her learn where things are in the community such as the corner store, gas station, police station etc.

*Note- an open-ended question is a question that makes your child think.  There is no right or wrong answer.  Example: “What do you think the boy is going to find when he goes to the park or what would you do if….

A closed ended questions has a wrong or right answer, “What color is this?” or “How many do you have?  These questions serve a purpose but if you want to take your child to a higher level of thinking use open ended questions.

Enjoy your summer and be safe,

Submitted by Christina Morales, Education Manager




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