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Nov 12, 2020 | Matrix News

The Matrix Head start Birth to 5 Education Team is here to support you with your child’s educational journey!  Our team is here to provide additional support to you beyond the classroom. Each month we will equip you with educational resources and easy to do activities for you to do with your child at home. Here are some educational home activities that we hope you will enjoy doing with your child.

Activity 1: Math—collecting, sorting, and counting leaves.

  • Go on a journey in your front or back yard and collect leaves from off the ground with your child.  Make it a learning experience that is active, fun, and engaging!
  • Take the leaves inside and sort by colors by placing all the red leaves together and all the brown leaves together etc.
  • Count and see who collected the most leaves.

Bonus: You can place some leaves around your infant or young toddlers so they can explore the leaves by grasping and touching them as you describe the leaf textures, the number of leaves, and their colors.  Ex:  I see you are holding a leaf in your hand.  Take this time to explore nature as you listen and identify sounds with your child.   

Activity 2: Science—Sensory Bottles

  • Using an empty water bottle fills the bottle a little under half-way with water.
  • Next, you can use baby oil, food coloring, and/or glitter to add to the water. Do not fill any more than ¾ of the bottle.
  • After filling the bottle with the ingredients put the cap on the bottle and shake it to make sure you are happy with the colors and the amount of glitter
  • Glue top on the bottle with hot glue or crazy glue and let completely dry
  • After the glue dries. Give the bottle a good shake to ensure the bottle is sealed
  • As you are creating the bottle identify what colors you are using and what colors you have made if you mix colors. Talk about concepts such as the water falling or going up when you shake it. Introduce words such as shake and roll as different ways to move the bottle.


Have Fun!




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