Message from Our School Nurse!

Aug 2, 2021 | Matrix News

The New Normal “The Vaccine People”

The reality is – It’s about getting the vaccine or getting COVID.
I know some of you are so afraid of getting covid or afraid about getting the vaccine, but as a black mother in the community I am worried about you not getting the vaccine and something happening to you.

The shingles vaccine, the pneumonia vaccine….

These vaccines at one point were like the COVID vaccine. They were new and nobody wanted to get it. Vaccines have become our “new normal” for protection against diseases.
Everyone has a reason that they have gotten the vaccine. I did it because both of my daughters have asthma and as a nurse working at times contingent in a medical facility, I never want to be the reason to harm them in a way that could lead to death. Bottom line. Death.
A friend of mines says that her child is trapped in the house and has been doing kindergarten virtually, she’s worried about his health and wants him to be protected from covid-19 so he can go back to school.

What people are saying….I don’t trust it because it came out to quick

It’s true that the vaccines were developed quick, but that doesn’t mean that they took short cuts. Research on previous coronaviruses and there are lots of them and many had been taking place for years. Vaccine developers were able to build on that to come out with this vaccine as soon as possible.
Crush myths from Facebook, YouTube and Instagram- talk to your doctor, look into reputable sources like the CDC,, The Detroit Health Department ,etc.

LaToya Willoughby
Your School Nurse


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