Staff & Leadership

Birth to 5 Team
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Center Managers

Every Head Start center has a dedicated Center Manager

Diana Walker


(313) 285-1890 ext. 2147

Natasha Jackson


(313) 285-1917 ext. 2111

Maritza Montanez

Manuel Reyes

(313) 843-2722 ext.1750

Maria Garcia

St. Stephen

(313) 841-6254 ext.1173

Jacqueline Matyjasik


(313) 897-3310 ext.1801

Ishrat Khan

Eternal Rock

(313) 581-5555 ext.1902

Ashley Bailey

Word of Truth

(313) 898-3043 ext.1906

Ashley Bradybaugh


(313) 297-7739 ext. 1950

Jennifer Dukes

Care Village

(313) 285-1921 ext.2024

Monique Brown

Infinity 1

(313) 285-1926 ext.2018

Otie Whittaker

Infinity II

(313) 285-1927 ext.2046

Aleta Gordon


(313) 285-1928 ext. 2049

Sonja Tolbert


(313) 285-1912 ext.2118

Stephanie James


(313) 285-1893 ext.1201

Joceyln Brown


(313) 285-1913 ext. 2008

Crystal Trent


(313) 285-1929 ext.2067

Deicy Barajas-Perez

Home-Based Services Expectant Families, Birth-3

(313) 962-5255 ext. 1241

Faculty and Leadership

The Birth to 5 Team is available Monday – Friday during normal business hours. You can reach us by phone at (313) 962-5255. The extensions for each team member are listed below.





Program Director

Cristal Claussen

Ext. 1671

Program Assistant Director

Letawnia May

Ext. 1664

Administrative Assistant

Ericka Gray

Ext. 1611

Senior Program Manager

JoAnn Woodard

Ext. 2048

Parent Engagement Manager

Charmaine Parks

Ext. 2115

Parent, Family, Community, and Engagement Manager

Kathryn Polla

Ext. 1675

Parent, Family, Community, and Engagement Assistant Manager

Norma Galvan

Ext. 1688

Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment & Attendance  (ERSEA) Manager

Oralda Madrigal

Ext. 1707

Education Manager

Christina Morales

Ext. 1630

Education Assistant Manager (HS)

Marche’ Calhoun

Ext. 1633

Education Assistant Manager (EHS)

Sherry Bell

Ext. 1656

Home-Based EHS Assistant Manager

Deicy Barajas-Perez

Ext. 1241

Health and Nutrition Manager

Sabrina Taliaferro


Nutrition Assistant Manager/RD

Kelli Wall

Ext. 1622

Health Assistant Manager/School Nurse

Latoya Willoughby

Ext. 1601

Disabilities Manager

Marisol Hermosillo

Ext. 1610

Disabilities Assistant Manager

Ruby Jones

Ext. 1645

Mental Health Manager

Stephanie Gaughan

Ext. 1691

GSRP Assistant Manager

Tara Patterson

Ext. 1018

Data Manager

Cass Higden

Ext. 1654


Family Advocates 

The success of our families is extremely important. Each Head Start family is assigned a Family Advocate to assist with resources. Use the information below to reach your advocate.

East Centers

Southwest Centers


(313) 285-1890 


(313) 285-1917

Manuel Reyes

(313) 843-2722 

St. Stephen

(313) 841-6254


(313) 897-3310 

Eternal Rock

(313) 581-5555

Word of Truth

(313) 898-3043


(313) 297-7739

Care Village

(313) 285-1921

Infinity 1

(313) 285-1926

A Word

From Our Director

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– Cristal Claussen